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Our Mission

Grow It Forward is a 501c3 nonprofit, anti-hunger organization founded by Amber Daugs in 2014. We use good food to build community and feed change in Manitowoc County.

We’re on a mission to provide people in need with dignified access to good food, along with opportunities to grow, cook, share, and advocate for it.

Our Vision

Grow It Forward’s vision is that food should be treated as a basic right and central to health--where everyone has the means, knowledge, and voice to access good food with dignity. To accomplish this, we must take a different approach to fight food insecurity, poor health, and isolation through healthy food access, food skills, public awareness and advocacy, education, and engagement.

Our Values

Building and encouraging strong relationships in a friendly and safe environment


Demonstrating and promoting mutual respect and appreciation


Encouraging buy-in by way of program input


Ensuring a quality experience, increased choice, and active participation for all guests


Providing accessible selection of healthy foods and nutrition education opportunities


Guests, donors, and other sectors investing to ensure effective programs and financial stability


Making informed decisions based on research and data


Creating an inclusive, diverse, and just organization that works to reduce disparities

We are very thankful, grateful, and appreciative of our many sponsors, partnering organizations, donors , individual community supporters, and volunteers whose financial support and service is crucial to us continuing to provide quality programs and services within Manitowoc County.

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a sponsor, making a financial gift, or donating your time, please contact us at 920.645.9467

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